A new kind of concrete that’s just as good as traditional concrete, made from up to 90% waste materials, with up to 80% lower CO2 emissions !

This really is an exciting project and potential "game-changer" for Collie in the south-west of Western Australia. If all goes according to plan it will be a major boost in creating a sustainable future for the region as Collie’s coal industry winds down.


Colliecrete is a West Australian State Government funded research project financed by Royalties for Regions and Collie Futures Funding.

The aim is for a Murdoch University based project team to develop geopolymer concrete products from flyash and other industrial by-products and recycled materials that are plentiful in the region.

The team will deliver a business case feasibility study and Industry Memorandum to attract  investment and job creation in a new industry for Collie.

The 60 second video summarises the project, and its aims and objectives.

Just a few of the potential products are shown as examples below.

Colliecrete. Build the Future.